Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tin Pics

Here ya go! Enjoy!

This is the one I sent to my SP, Oceansong.

I just made these in the last week.

More tins are on their way to me casa, so I will have more eye candy to show you soon!!

Till next time...........

Knit Love!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She loves it!!!

My SP, Oceansong, received her package today! She loves everything. I am so glad too! There was some serious worry goin on, will she like it, will she not.........
You can jump over to her blog and check out the goodies for yourself. I am pretty sure I have made a good friend from this swap. Hope she feels the same way!!

On a side note: I promised to post pics of the tins I have made. 2 more tins were made today, so after curing overnight, they will be ready for their closeup tomorrow!!

Till then..............

Knit Friendship!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching Up

The tin swap is going great now! I will be shipping next week to someone on the west coast. Hope she loves it, I worked hard! It is going so well in fact, I signed up for a Mini-Swap!! woohoo

My needles have been quiet for about a week or so. My wrist is just killin me! I love knittng and all but it isnt worth the extra pain right now. Soooo, I started a new hobby! Go figure right, a crafter with another crafting hobby! It is addictive, it is easy, it is...........................Tin Altering!!!
Dont knock it till ya try it. Plus I can roll all my fav crafts into one project. Scrap n Paint a tin that is used to hold Knitting Notions. I will post pics of the tins I have made after the swap is over. I will also post pics of another item I am making!
Till next time..............................

Knit Laughter

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tin Swap

So, this tin swap is a lot harder than I thought! I am finding tins all over the place, but I am not sure they are the ones for my SP. I am not sure what to get when it comes to extras. GGRRRRRR I am told by everyone there to just buy things that I would enjoy and it will be ok, I am not so sure. It is kinda scary actually. I just want my SP to be uber excited about her tins n stuff. Out to figure more things to get. Till next time............

Knit Peace!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Swap Talk

So I am doing this swap on Ravelry right now, it is so cool! We are swapping tins! No, not the green money kind, altoids type containers. I am having a blast looking for tins all over the net and at my local antique shop. Now, I just need my swapee so I know exactly what to look for. Getting back into knitting has been really exciting! All the new yarns, notions, and patterns that are out there now. Cant wait to try em all! Till next time...........

Knit Love!