Monday, September 10, 2007


Yoga + Me= No Zen, And that is all I have to say about that!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A couple things

I need more Zen!

I have decided that knitting isnt enough calm for me anymore. So I have decided to start learning the art of yoga. Yes me, a Yogi!!! I watched a workout on TV and felt so relaxed. I just watched, imagine how I would feel if I actually did it. We'll see how it goes and update you with progress!!

Back to Knitting... Finally!!

My good friend from High School is having her first baby in a few days. :o) Ahhh, babies. So I have decided to pick up my sticks(first time in weeks) and knit that kid some sockies. I am going to try and knit a hat too. I figure if it doesnt get done I have a few weeks to knock it out before it gets chilly. I am using a little CTH for poshness and maybe a little sockotta too!! Then a little acrylic(I know, I know) to withstand all those washings!! A few....dozen, ahem pairs should be just right dont'cha think? heehee

Oh, I started a candle business! It is so fun so far. I will blog on this later. I miss blogging so much. Finding the time here lately is hard. I promise to get on here and share the news with you all more often. Till next time peeps, keep knittin!! :o)